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Premium Chelation with Multivitamins and Minerals IV


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Our unique Chelation Therapy formula helps to remove toxic heavy metals in the body which cause inflammation and damage to brain, heart, thyroid and at the same time replenishes your body with high quality vitamins and minerals to effectively speed up the detoxification and cellular repair. Chelation Therapy can help to repair blood vessels, increase blood circulation to the brain, reduce risks of neurological diseases and support cardiovascular health.
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Remove toxic heavy metals from the body
Reduce inflammation to brain, heart and blood vessels
Reduce risks of neurological, heart and brain related disease
Cleanse blood vessels from blockage and improve blood flows to brain and heart
Replenish cells and body with high quality vitamins


Vitamin C
Sodium Bicarbonate
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
B-100 Complex
NAC 300 mg


Male Fertility
Support heart and blood vessels related conditions