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Cell Power IV


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Fuel your energy from cellular level and at the same time improve vital functions in your body with our exclusive IV formula. This prestige combination works synergistically to sustainably fuel Mitochondria, powerhouse of the cell is responsible for producing energy and regulating key cellular processes including cell metabolism and cell death. Moreover, these active components can enhance physical performance, blood circulation and male potency.
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Enhanced formula from NAD+
Increase body’s own natural production of NAD and boost cellular energy
Contains 18 of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
Improve blood circulation, heart health and brain function
Enhance athletic performance, muscle building and repair
Speed up collagen production, reduce and prevent signs of ageing
Stimulate metabolism and fat conversion
Help to relieve and prevent knees and joints pain and reduce inflammation
Improve male fertility
Modulate sugar level and high blood pressure




Fatigue, Jet lag, and Low energy
Brain fog, Stress, Difficulty focusing and memorizing
Migraine, headache, muscle aches & pain
Male Fertility
Balance blood sugar and cholesterol level